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Regulation:   20 Minute Running Clock – Stop Clock Last 2 Minutes of each half

Team Fouls:  1-6 Fouls – Out of Bounds; 7-9 Fouls Bonus 1+1; 10th Foul 2 Shots.

Personal Fouls:  5 Fouls per Player (5th Foul puts player on the bench – If the Team has only 5 Players the Player may remain in the Game, but each additional foul results in (2) Automatic Points and Ball Possession by the Opposing Team.)  Okay to play with 4 Players.  Technical Fouls count as Personal Fouls.

Timeouts:  Four (4) per Game

Last 2 Minutes of Each Half:  Run Clock if 15 or more point lead, the clock does NOT stop if opposing teams deficit is less than 15 points in the final 2 minute period

Overtime: 2 Minutes Stop Clock with each team receiving 1 additional time out

Game Rules:  There are 9 games plus playoffs.  A player IS NOT eligible for playoffs if:

  • 2 or more games are missed without notifying their Coach; or
  • 5 or more games are missed other than due to injury.

League will follow high school basketball rules.